Linguistics and Pronunciation Class

Free English pronunciation class for Chinese speakers in Taiwan that combines the science of linguistics and with practice of pronunciation.

American English Vowels with Zhuyin

IPA vowel chart for General American English based on the Cambridge Dictionary. This chart includes Zhuyin, a phonemic system used in Taiwan.

Articulation Diagram

A diagram showing the places of speech articulation. Use in conjunction with the consonant chart.

Vietnamese Vowels (Hanoian)

IPA for Vietnamese vowels (Hanoian accent) Source: Từ Điển Mở Article on IPA for Hanoian Vietnamese

Tonal Allophony in Vietnamese

ALLOPHONES are AURAL ILLUSIONS Allophones are different sounds that map to the same perception. This is a very strong aural illusion. Most native speakers are quite surprised to discover this. See this interesting research paper on tonal allophones in Vietnamese.

Vietnamese Linguistics

A linguistic description of the modern Hanoi dialect. A description of the Vietnamese sound system for non-native speakers from the Vietnamese grammar handbook, Cẩm Nang Ngữ Pháp Tiếng Việt do GS Trần Ngọc Dụng biên soạn. Northern Vietnamese Intonation

Word Rhythms

Almost every multi-syllable word in English has a stress pattern.


List to these songs for patterns in English phrasing.

Minimal Pairs

Minimal pairs change only one phoneme in a word in order to practice on one sound.


Dictionaries to look up syllabification and IPA pronunciation.

Sound Hierarchy

The brain is designed to take the simplest elements of speech and combine these into an increasingly complex heirarchy of meaning.