Linguistics and Pronunciation Class


Free English pronunciation class for Chinese speakers in Taiwan that combines the science of linguistics and with practice of pronunciation.

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Tonal Allophony in Vietnamese


ALLOPHONES are AURAL ILLUSIONS Allophones are different sounds that map to the same perception. This is a very strong aural illusion. Most native speakers are quite surprised to discover this. See this interesting research paper on tonal allophones in Vietnamese.

Tonal Allophony in Vietnamese2017-04-02T13:03:15+00:00

The Science of Learning Language


Professor MacWhinney argues that second language learning uses the same processes as first language learning.

The Science of Learning Language2020-08-23T04:34:19+00:00

Vietnamese Linguistics


A linguistic description of the modern Hanoi dialect. A description of the Vietnamese sound system for non-native speakers from the Vietnamese grammar handbook, Cẩm Nang Ngữ Pháp Tiếng Việt do GS Trần Ngọc Dụng biên soạn. Northern Vietnamese Intonation

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Sound Hierarchy


The brain is designed to take the simplest elements of speech and combine these into an increasingly complex heirarchy of meaning.

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